Macquarie Medical Imaging Services

    The field of Radiology has seen numerous changes in the last 25 years. With new and significant technological advancements, it is now
    possible to achieve a more detailed and accurate study of the interiors of the human body without surgery.

    Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI), has united all the latest expertise from radiology, nuclear
    medicine and PET physicians, and specialist partners to propel MMI at the forefront of medical imaging in Australia.

    MMI offers a comprehensive range of services from diagnostic radiology to interventional radiology, angiography and interventional
    oncology, which are all designed to meet each patient’s unique case and need.

    MMI is dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality diagnostic and interventional imaging services in a safe, comfortable,
    and caring environment by providing a progressive and comprehensive list of services that encompass all medical imaging modalities.

    Medical Imaging Services Medical Imaging Services