Services – PET CT

Medical imaging has seen amazing advancements in technology in the past 20 years. Medical Imaging is focusing on the detection and treatment of disease at a molecular level. Nuclear Medicine scans and PET scans are at the forefront of these lifesaving technologies.

PET or Positron Emission Tomography is at the cutting edge of cancer detection and neurological disorder detection. Incorporating a highbred system using a full 64 slice diagnostic CT with contrast injector takes its sensitivity and specificity to a new high. These specially produced radio-pharmaceuticals have extremely short shelf life and are produced at special cyclotron facilities. They target the metabolism of glucose or amino acids in cancerous cells. PET/CT has the remarkable ability to detect cancer growth in its earliest of stages; far earlier then diagnostic CT or MRI. This imaging technology is used as first line medical imaging in oncology in Europe and the USA. With early detection comes  the ability for precision planning of treatment leading to a  greater chance of a full recovery. PET/CT is also showing its immense value in the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease  and Parkinson’s disease and is closely working with research groups on early treatment.

MMI has installed one of the most advanced PET/CT machines available to enable our specialists more innovative ways to detect disease earlier, outline effective treatment plans and efficiently monitor treatment, while still focusing on treating patients with confidence. The Discovery PET/CT 600-Series delivers truly powerful options as it has the highest sensitivity in the industry, advanced information processing, and faster reconstructions with the IBM BladeCenter.

  • FET/CT/MRI Fusion Scan