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MQMI Patients

Providing optimal image results entail proper understanding of the imaging procedure and the preparation of patients prior to the scan. With this, Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI), has developed extensive patient education brochures for each imaging investigation to optimally prepare patients for every relevant procedure to obtain the best imaging results.

Diagnostic imaging involves a variety of medical imaging techniques. Complex equipment with powerful computers are used to produce images of the interior human body. These images aid in the proper diagnosis and treatment of illness. Radiographers obtain radiographic images, sonographers perform ultrasound examinations, and nuclear medicine technologists are trained to acquire functional images of the body. All images are viewed and analysed by a radiologist, a doctor who specialises in Diagnostic Imaging, who also provides your referring doctor with a written report on your examination findings. Appropriate patient education brochures can be selected from the Patient Information Sheets section.

Medicare Australia offers a safety net system to help patients paying large amounts for medical expenses over and above the Medicare rebate. You can contact the Medicare Hotline on 132 011 for more information.

Alternatively, please see their website for more information at If you have an account enquiry, please contact Macquarie Medical Imaging where you are having, or are due to have, your appointment.