Services – Nuclear Medicine

Medical Imaging has seen amazing advancements in technology in the past 20 years. Medical Imaging is focusing on the detection and treatment of disease at a molecular level. Nuclear Medicine scans and PET scans are at the forefront of these lifesaving technologies.

The Nuclear Medicine Gamma camera is an irreplaceable tool in the diagnosis of numerous disease and trauma injuries by targeting different organs of the body will specific radio-pharmaceuticals. These radio-pharmaceuticals are absorbed into target cells at a molecular level; the image is a dynamic snap shot of the cells at work or the disease at work. No other modality delivers this ability; the ability to watch in real-time the physiological and metabolic activity of cells. The gamma camera is now a hybrid imaging modality incorporating low-dose CT into its scans. The most common scans include: bone scans, cardiac rest/stress scans, thyroid scans, VQ lung scans, breast sentinel node mapping, biliary/gallbladder studies

MMI utilises a HawkeyeHD machine, which delivers image clarity and enhances diagnostic reliability with precise detection and localisation of disease, making patients more confident of image outputs. The HawkeyeHD offers comprehensive solutions that address the various needs of the patients allowing for clear diagnosis and recommendations.

The following Nuclear Medicine scans are available at MMI:

  • Bone scan
  • Gallium infection scan
  • White cell infection scan
  • Cardiac perfusion scan/stress Test
  • Gated Heart pool studies
  • Reflux studies & gastric emptying
  • Biliary study with gall Bladder ejection fraction
  • Liver colloid scan
  • Colon Transit studies
  • Thyroid scan
  • Para-Thyroid scan
  • Renal DTPA perfusion study
  • Renal DMSA scan
  • Mekel’s scan
  • Lung scan (V/Q)
  • Lympho-scintigraphy scan (breast, melanoma & extremities)
  • Pre-operative lung Quantitative lung scan
  • Pre-therapy lung shunting scan
  • Brain perfusion scan
  • Lachrymal Tear-duct drainage study