Services – Mammography

Mammography is the leading diagnostic tool to detect breast cancer when it is most curable. At Macquarie Medical Imaging, the innovation continues. We have established the most comprehensive breast imaging services using the most advanced equipment available anywhere in the world.

We have installed an Australian first- the GE Senographe Essential, the lowest dose digital mammography unit with the option of using contrast enhancement technology. The GE SenoBright CESM (Optional Contrast imaging) is another upcoming and significant innovation in breast cancer screening and diagnosis, as it sets a new standard in image quality and productivity.

Our comprehensive breast service includes:

  • Unique dose reduction technology – proven lowest dose every time.
  • Superb image quality using optimized detector technology.
  • Largest digital detector in the industry to cover any breast shape and size, preventing multiple exposure.
  • Flexible, off-centered, ergonomic paddles and refined chest compression capabilities adding to patient comfort and image accuracy.
  • 45% reduction in average examination time compared to conventional mammography due to real-time processing of digital images that
    can be displayed in seconds.

MMI Service include:

  • Low dose, high resolution mammography and tomosynthesis
  • Optional contrast enhanced mammography
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Breast fine needle biopsy
  • Breast core biopsy
  • Nuclear Medicine sentinel node mapping
  • Hookwire localisation
  • Breast MRI and MRI guided biopsy

For patient convenience, we also offer:

  • Female mammographers and sonographers
  • Single point of contact for patients
  • Single site for all imaging modalities
  • Further work up with biopsy, including on-site cytology assessment of fine needle biopsy
  • Comprehensive quality reports
  • Electronic filing of images as comparison for follow-up studies