In- Patient Information

At MMI and Macquarie University Hospital, we have streamlined your hospital experience to make payment options as simple as possible. As we are two separate entities, you will receive separate invoices. Your invoice from MMI will arrive in the mail to your nominated address.

How does the payment process work?

Upon hospital admission, you will be required to sign an Informed Financial Consent (IFC). In signing this form, you acknowledge that out of pocket fees for diagnostic imaging may be applicable in addition to any hospital charges, as well as giving consent for Macquarie Medical Imaging to electronically submit a two-way claim to Medicare and your Health Fund for all Medicare-eligible services, on your behalf. If the initial electronic claim is successful, you will receive a cheque from Medicare, and a cheque from your Private Health Fund, which will require you to send these, along with any out-of-pocket payments –in the form of cheque or credit-card to Macquarie Medical Imaging.

The above may not apply in some circumstances. In such cases, the patients will be required to pay the full sum, if:

  • a patient does not have private health cover or;
  • a patient is being billed for a non-Medicare rebateable service (eg. MRI, PET/CT)

What if I need help?

MMI understands that hospital stays can be a long and expensive experience and we can be contacted on 9430 1100 to discuss any concern regarding on-time payment or any service related enquiries.