Do you have MRI?

Yes, we have two 3T MRI machines – a Siemens Magnetom Verio and GE Discovery 750w.
What is the cost of MRI?

The cost depends on the region and number of regions needing to be scanned. To receive an accurate quote we need a copy of your request form to be sent through.
Why doesn’t Medicare cover the cost?

Since our machine is very new, MMI has been granted a partial license with Medicare. As our MRI is only four years old and state-of-the-art, MMI has been given permission to bulk bill only a few items for which we need specific criteria, which explains why the majority of MRI’s do incur a fee.

Why do I have to pay when I’m an in-patient?

When you are an in-patient, your health fund contributes to the cost of the scan as it is considered an extra service on top of your hospital stay. As we are based in a private hospital, there is a gap on these extra services. There is a form called an Informed Financial Consent that you will read and sign on admission that explains these costs in more detail.
Are there pension rates?

Yes. The only modality that does not have discounted rates is MRI because there is no Medicare rebate.

Is there parking provided? Where is your location?

We are located at the Ground Floor of the Macquarie University Hospital, next to the cafe. If you would like to park downstairs in the basement level we can validate your parking on the day of your visit. Access to this parking area is via Research Park Drive.
When will be reports/films be ready?

Please allow for 24 hours for most scans, we will advise if more time is required.
Why have I received an invoice in the mail?

There may be a number of reasons why you have received an invoice in the mail. If you have already paid you’re out of pocket gap, it will be a reminder to forward your Medicare cheque to us. However, for all other reasons it is best to call us on 9430 1100.
Can you fit me in now? When can I book for an appointment?

Appointments are booked as early as possible but depends on what you need to have done. The best way to make an appointment is by calling us on 9430 1100.