Dental Imaging

At Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI), we focus on dental imaging as one of the sub-specialities of medical imaging. We have assembled state-of- the-art digital equipment, highly-skilled imaging technologists, radiologists and dental surgeons who specialise in dental imaging to provide excellence in dental imaging.

In addition, we have consulted with general dental surgeons and oro-maxillo-facial specialists to identify their individual needs, as well as patient needs, to cater for all clinical requirements. We have developed and implemented dedicated imaging protocols for each specialist’s requirements.


MMI and SMI offer a tailor-made service to periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists, ENT surgeons and other clinicians who require high resolution tomographic 3D imaging of the mandible, maxilla and paranasal sinuses.

At MM, all studies are reported by an experienced diagnostic radiologist, specifically trained in dental imaging to provide a comprehensive report of the highest standard.


  • OPG
  • Cephalostat (lateral and frontal)
  • 3D Volumetric Cone Beam CT
  • Facial CT
  • CT Dentascan
  • Paranasal Sinus +/- X-ray
  • Temporomandibular Joint CT +/- X-ray
  • MRI Temporomandibular Joint
  • Airway Analysis
  • Barium Swallow


We only use full digital, state of the art imaging equipment to minimise radiation dosage and provide high resolution and high quality images.

At MMI, we have installed the Instrumentarium OPG OP200D, an advanced panoramic unit where excellent quality images are easily achieved with the help of panoramic Automatic Exposure Control (AEC). Special imaging programs facilitate easy diagnosis even with difficult clinical conditions – all of these aspects combine to create a gold standard in image quality.

Cone Beam CT
At MMI, we have installed the NewTom 5G (the patent holders of CBCT technology) which provides superior scanning resolution, with less artefact and scatter. We achieve fast and
accurate visualisation of bony anatomical structures in three dimensions with a lower radiation dose associated with each scan.

Siemens Magnetom Verio

which utilises a 3T magnet and 70cm wide bore to optimise comfort for your patients without sacrificing image quality for optimal assessment.

MMI has installed a second state-of-the-art new 3T wide-bore MRI machine from GE for additional capacity. GE Discovery 750w allows us to fit your patients in sooner and provide the highest quality images for complex dental and facial

GE 750HD provides an unprecedented level of high definition detail in images whist operating with up to 50% less radiation dose than recommended by RANZCR for your patients.


  • Flat panel sensor technology – produces exceptionally high resolution images
  • Safe beam exposure control – which automatically adjusts the radiation dosage according to the patient’s age and size
  • Seated or horizontal patient entry
  • Horizontal scan position for sedated children
  • Lowest dose of any comparable Cone Beam CT on the market
  • Pass through gantry allowing body extremities to be scanned – such as hands, ankles, feet, elbows and knees, with hard tissue image quality exceeding traditional CT scans
  • Access to digital images and reports which were developed in consultation with sub-specialists in Dentistry and Medicine


  • All referrals accepted
  • Immediate appointments available for most types of scans
  • Open extended hours Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings
  • Single point of contact for patients
  • Single site for all imaging modalities
  • Quick turnaround of images and reports
  • Electronic filing of images for comparison and follow-upstudies
  • Immediate access to patient’s electronic images including prior studies for all referrers from our PACS image storing system
  • Convenient and free parking
  • Easy access via public transport


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