Services – CT (High Definition)

GE, as a premier manufacturer of state-of the art medical imaging equipment, has produced the top HD750. A CT machine with the lowest radiation sold to date and with the highest resolution images. This machine consistently produces significantly low radiation dosages recommended by APANZCAR. MMI has evaluated various CT machines by a variety of manufacturers against image quality and resolution, radiation dosages and (operational) diagnostic capacity. The installation of the HD750 as the best and lowest radiation dosage CT machine also delivers the high calibre of work produced at MMI.


MMI has the capacity to perform CT angiographies for both cardiac and neurological cases. CT scanning is able to do intricate mapping of blood vessels such as those in the brain, which can be very useful to detect bleeds, clots, arterial swelling and tumours.
CT coronary angiograms give doctors and patients a minimally invasive but accurate depiction of blood vessels and their makeup, which can be particularly useful for patients with a medium risk level.