Radiologists at Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI) have a particular interest in the treatment of neck (cervical) and back (thoracic and lumbar) pain. Pain at the base of the spine (sacrum and coccyx) is a common complaint and can also be treated.

Back pain is a very common problem, and one that mostly resolves with rest and simple analgesia. If back pain persists it can be investigated with simple radiological investigations such as x-ray and CT scans at Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI). These modalities can demonstrate osteoarthritis and intervertebral disc disease but they are also useful for the exclusion of sinister pathology such as tumours.

Macquarie Medical Imaging offers a number of interventional spinal and back pain management injections. Interventional spinal techniques are minimally invasive. The staff at MMI are able to assist patients by providing imaging with CT, MRI, and co-registered SPECT-CT bone scan to help diagnose the cause of the back pain and, if clinically indicated, provide the spinal injections.

What are the benefits of a SPECT-CT Scan at MMI?

SPECT-CT is where a nuclear medicine study is performed together with a CT scan and the images or pictures from each are fused or merged together. The fused scan can provide more precise information about how different parts of the body function and can help identify problems more clearly.

SPECT-CT at MMI provides the ability to merge or combine the images often allowing the nuclear medicine specialist to more accurately pinpoint the site of any abnormality on your nuclear medicine scan. This may be of particular importance in certain clinical situations, when the interpretation of an area of interest may change depending on its location. For example, in small areas like the spine, it is sometimes hard to determine from the nuclear medicine imaging alone whether the abnormality lies in the bone or the adjacent joints – fusing a SPECT with CT provides added confidence in identifying where the abnormality is.

Common interventional spine procedures Macquarie Medical Imaging specialists utilize, include:

  • Facet joint injections
  • Epidural injections
  • Selective nerve root block / Perineural injections
  • Sacroiliac joint injections
  • Cervical spine injections

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