Patients Appointment Checklist

  • You will need to bring your:
    1. Doctor’s referral even if the same was asked to be faxed prior to your appointment
    2. Medicare Card
    3. OSHC
    4. Pensioner’s card/DVA gold if applicable
    5. Staff card if member of MU or MUH
  • Any of the following if they are applicable to you:
    1. Previous images (films for comparison) or reports.
    2. Preparations needed depends on the examination – like fasting or drinking of water for ultrasound, etc.
    3. For CT- pathology results
    4. Breast Imaging– previous scans (if there is)
    5. Stereotactic biopsy – needs images to be drop-off prior to appointment
    6. COAGs results needed for CT interventions
    7. A comprehensive list of medication
  • Approval letter from your insurance provider (Workers Compensation)
    1. Your approval letter will contain details about your medical condition, eligible scan, case number and case manager. If patient does not have approval, the patient will have to pay insurance rates.