About Us

Macquarie Medical Imaging (MMI) provides the highest quality and most advanced medical imaging services in Australia. The cornerstone of MMI’s vision is to provide an efficient and sensitive customer service for patients, while building stronger partnerships with referring doctors by allowing them to treat patients at the highest standards of health care.

Established as the most technically advanced radiology service in the country, MMI has the most state of the art medical imaging equipment available to patients, and introducing more advanced techniques developed by major international centres of excellence in medical imaging.

MMI meticulously selects its technical and customer service personnel who undergo extensive training in MMI policies, procedures and thoroughly developed scanning protocols. MMI also ensures that its technical personnel work in the specific imaging techniques that they are passionate about, extensively allowing them to gain their highest level of expertise. MMI uses well-established and well-defined scanning protocols across all modalities to ensure the highest quality, accuracy, and consistency in medical imaging.

The most innovative part of MMI’s superior quality is derived through its unique sub-specialised reporting service. By acquiring radiologists who have sub-specialist fellowship trainings or significant experience in a particular speciality, MMI’s radiologists possess a high degree of commitment to their respective expertise making them valuable to their clinical colleagues. MMI’s personnel are committed to providing a friendly, caring, and service-oriented atmosphere for all patients.

Only imaging specialists who have impeccable skills, ample experience and training, and the passion to continuously learn, are utilised by MMI. By building lasting partnerships with referring general practitioners, co-specialists and other health care professionals, these specialists help achieve MMI’s goal of achieving excellence in patient care.